Windrose is a playful yet meaningful addition to the landscape of Norman, Oklahoma. It serves as a beacon, becoming a focal point for the community, connecting people, and creating a sense of place. It is an exploration of the ever-changing forces of wind as well as the connection between Norman’s natural environment and Griffin Park. The constant movement of air, sometimes barely noticeable and other times turbulent, reminds us that we are all connected by nature.


Completed: (In-Progress)
Medium: Painted Steel
Location: Norman, OK
Size: 9′ x 14′ x 22′ / 6′ x 18′ x 11′


The project abstractly dissects Norman Oklahoma’s Windrose plot as a generator of form, color, and site-specific integration. It seeks to provide moments of interaction for families, teams, and players visiting the park. Unprogrammed play, vibrant displays of color, and soothing gestural forms allow for various interpretations, ensuring that the artwork engages a diverse group of people and includes many ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Windrose is an uplifting symbol of hope, reminding us not only to appreciate the natural beauty around us, but also the importance of creating connections with one another.