Tidal School


Developed for Port Everglades and Broward County, Tidal School looks to the natural phenomenon of fish schooling and the flow of waves for design inspiration. Much like the operation of Port Everglades, a school of fish must coordinate numerous individual moving parts focused on a common goal. Industrial ships carrying various cargo worldwide intermix with cruise-going passengers in a synchronized balance. This culminates in a field effect of a gradient, blending colors that meander up and down, circling the site’s perimeter, and focusing on views from passing vehicles.


Completed: (In-Progress)
Medium: Painted Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Grass Plantings
Location: Port Everglades, FL
Size: 243’ x 9’ x 9’


We looked at specific fish species native to the area to inspire our abstracted components. We began categorizing their features, attempting to tween common species into something representative of the area yet unique. Most notably, many reef fish had bold patterns and striking colors, inspiring the graphic technique we developed. It became apparent in our research and project development that (unlike a singular fish) the body and forked tail were the most visually dominant and eye-catching features in a fish school, leading to our final shapes. This helped both in visual clarity of the piece and in material efficiency. The artwork will also serve as a pleasant signifier of Port Everglade’s commitment to sustainable practices, the natural environment, and our collective global future.