Tessellated Filigree


Tessellated Filigree is a careful exploration of the cultural, historical, and aesthetic milieu of its location paired with the goals and aspirations of the client, Keystone Group. In reference to the unique design and layout of Mile Square, this project utilizes a shifted triangular grid, offsetting and rotating to create a field effect that is distinct, abstract, but completely derived from the infrastructure that surrounds it.


Completed: 2022
Medium: Painted Aluminum Composite Panels
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 60′ x 10′ x 4″
IG: #p1_tessellatedfiligree


The triangular grid is complimented by a gestural movement of solid and void as the work reaches towards the center, another reference to the location of the building and the layout of Indianapolis. The forms become more three dimensional as they move up in the space, playing with light and shadow to create a site-specific effect for pedestrians walking by the piece. The materiality is a reference to the nearby Soldiers and Sailors monument and existing finishes within the development. Metallic brass tones catch the light to reflect the history of the area and the new life coming to this building. The materiality and form may also bring forth ideas of “art deco” luxury seen in the Expansive Circle Tower and Indiana State Library.

This concept relates to the architectural and aesthetic history of Indianapolis while creating something entirely new. It comments on the specifics of time and place within such a city, becoming a piece of art and design developed to be enjoyed by the public. It remains a commentary on the uniqueness and importance of Indianapolis.