This project contemporizes not only the aesthetic attributes of the Bauhaus but also the theoretical underpinnings of the movement. The goal of Bauhaus was to create “good design for everybody.” This was achieved by embracing industrial manufacturing materials and methods in new ways, making the constraints of manufacturing into opportunities for new aesthetic discovery.

techneForm operates in much the same way. The graphic composition follows grid logic and only uses a few part typologies, simplifying the project and unifying it as a whole. Using industrial meshes, sheetstock, and powdercoating, this project is utilizing the inherent structural and material properties of these components, rather than fighting them. The resulting project is one that is efficient in its use of materials, colors, and structure.


Completed: (In-Progress)
Medium: Powder-Coated Aluminum/Steel, Stainless Steel
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 92’ x 23’ x 6.5″
IG: #p1_techneform


The project becomes a bright beacon in the landscape, further delineating as one approaches it. From the Biergarten and surrounding street view, the meshes and full composition are colorful and textural, drawing the eyes towards the development. From afar, the project becomes a bright gradient of color. The metal meshes create soft ghosted colors that provide intrigue to the eye. Rather than harsh and sharp lines of shapes, the meshes shade and tint the project in ways that change as ones perspective changes.