Striation is a gestural representation of diversity within unity. With bright colors, upward movement, and graceful form the sculpture invokes feelings of hope, inspiration, and innovation similar to the surrounding revitalized Glendale Shopping Center in Indianapolis, IN. We collaborated with Kimberly McNeelan on the design and fabrication of this piece.


Completed: 2023
Medium: Painted Steel, White Oak
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 4’ x 17’
IG: #p1_striation


A striation is often used in geology to define grooves cast into geological formations due to time and movement. This concept also applies to the idea of a community: a group of separate, unique, and historied individuals collectively moving forward. Our project formally and conceptually acknowledges the importance of diverse and unified communities, and Glendale is no different.

The two materials, metal and wood, offer ideas of harmony and togetherness while providing visual insight to the contrasts within the collaboration and to the surrounding community. The natural material expresses calm and highlights the formal elements of the shape while the colorful sweeping blades coalesce the overall form. As the viewer moves around the form, there is the opportunity to experience the change in curves, color, and contrasting amounts of mediums.