Stratagraph is inspired by the various developing layers in nature. It uses CNC machining to expose the strata of multi-layered materials, creating graphic imagery and patterns.  Any image can be used and output into three-dimensional visual forms. We are able to carve away material to various depths providing an interesting texture up close, as well as larger super graphics when viewed from a distance.


Completed: (Proposal)
Medium: Richlite
Size: Varies

This system is customizable and adaptable to provide the feeling and appearance desired. We have chosen Richlite for this specific proposal. It is a very durable and attractive material, as well as environmentally responsible.  The product sandwiches bamboo between two layers of colored compressed fiber to create an extremely resilient surface. For this situation we have specified black for the outer layers’ color due to the nice contrast with the inner bamboo when exposed; however, a number of other color options are available.

The urethane foam prototype provided shows the potential textures and amount of depth that can be achieved through material choice.