State of Flow


State of Flow is a project concerning the true essence of the ecology of North Carolina. In the early stages of design of this project, one enveloping theme began to emerge when looking at the geography, history, and culture of the surrounding area… Water.

Water from Lake Norman drove the development of the city in the late 1900s and it drives the overall layout and plan of “The Vine” to this day. Recreation, life, and prosperity are, in a way, products of the lake, rivers, and streams of this region, and this project strives to celebrate this.


Completed: (In-Progress)
Medium: GOBO Projectors, RGBA LED FloodLights, Custom Enclosures
Location: Huntersville, NC
Size: 250’ x 16’ x 12’


The physical layout of various rivers and bodies of water are used as formal generators for the graphics. We developed a custom script for this project that inputs simple information from local maps and results in a highly unique series of flowing line segments. This technique is intended to connect the history and geology of the site, with the activity and excitement of the new trail.

State of Flow merges abstract representations of movement, liquidity, and ephemerality with the natural history of the region, influenced by the bodies of water in the area, particularly Lake Norman, Torrence Creek, and McDowell Creek. The name, State of Flow, additionally references achieving a flow state of mind. This could be while exercising, performing activities on the trail, or observing the natural beauty of the area. When one is in a flow state, time glides effortlessly. It becomes a liquid phenomenon that performs much like a stream. Gulleys, weirs, currents, and deluges are all phenomena of water that can be likened to time when performing these flow activities.