SOURCE || SCATTER is a graphic representation of the power services that MISO Energy provides to the Midwest. Sited in an important transition area, the project bridges the gap between the reception and newly renovated spaces below. In order to describe the complexity of services provided, we have simplified them to three main elements. Supplied Energy, Resource Management, and Distribution of Power.


Completed: 2016
Medium: Cloth Covered Cable, Aluminum Rod, Acrylic, LED
Location: Carmel, IN
Client: MISO Energy
Size: 54’ x 12’ x 6”

This project was commissioned by MISO Energy with the intention to serve as an educational talking point for visitors, and add a level of excitement and vibrancy to the previously underwhelming vertical space.

The wall behind reception illustrates the Supplied Energy from power providers. This is a constantly changing network, consisting of varying types of energy production, amounts available for purchase, and supplied prices. The random and chaotic movement of the wires along the wall signifies this fluctuating nature. It is difficult to decipher where exactly each starts and ends without following them back to the beginning. As they continue into the stairwell, the wires begin to organize and become more linear, eventually bundling into organized color sets that are clearly ready to be distributed. This displays the Resource Management that MISO undertakes. The constantly changing supply and demand must be predicted daily, and accounted for precisely and efficiently. The project changes dramatically at this point, where the wires subdivide and become distributed along the full height of the remaining two walls. This represents how energy is divided up as needed and supplied across the Midwest to the end users. The wires finish with custom lighting components that vary in size based on the length of the wires, signifying this demand.

The piece is created through a number of custom design elements and unique material choices. The wires are cloth covered electrical cables that run power from a control box at the “Supplied Energy” wall and continue uninterrupted until they provide lighting at “Distribution of Power”. Machined aluminum standoffs where created to manage all of the wires, and color selection is based on the provided MISO operation color standards.