Silverton Park Gateway


The Silverton Park Gateway should be a bold, inspiring, and representational piece of public art for the citizens and visitors of the Village. Looking to its future, public art has become a key focus to bring vibrancy and identity to the community. We sought to create an exciting and uplifting piece of art that both represents the diversity and inclusiveness of the community, but is abstract enough to be interpreted in numerous ways.


Completed: Expected 2020
Medium: Painted Aluminum, Powder Coated Steel
Location: Silverton, OH
Size: 30’ x 10’ x 6′


Along a major roadway, the work needs to be visually impactful, relatable to human scale, and engaging from multiple vantage points. The design allows the piece to be interacted with up close as well as hundreds of feet away. The project brings together hundreds of unique colorful components to create a unified visual statement. Similar to the diverse population of Silverton, coming from all walks of life, the panels create an eclectic meandering form where each is allowed to have its own identity. At one specific point in space, these parts all align, representing the unified vision of the community’s future. The seemingly random objects come together to highlight the word “Silverton” as a statement of belief in the Village’s unique identity, history, and growth. This iconic sculptural element gains strength from the positive momentum of its community.