Savages Ale House


The design for the new back bar at Savage’s Ale House addresses a number of practical and aesthetic concerns that existed previously. Increased glass storage, hidden shelving, and task / ambient lighting allow for better functionality. A major increase in scale, quality of materials, and form tie the piece in with the rest of the space creating a much more prominent backdrop for the bar.


Completed: 2014
Medium: Hardwood, Plywood, Steel
Location: Muncie, IN
Client: Savages Ale House
Size: 18’’ x 9’ x 3’

Many of the signs, logos, and furniture in the bar have vintage/ midcentury design cues, and are also rather eclectic. The piece was intended to reference some of the aesthetics of midcentury modern furniture mixed with an industrial rawness that is reminiscent of the region. The form bevels out from the wall to intersect with the existing counter and matches vertical heights with the existing mirror and electrical track to visually connect the new components with the old. The main elements consist of veneered plywood wrapping an exposed oxidized steel frame, which has allowed for the 14′ span across the top. In contrast, the pint glass storage is the inverse, using steel plate wrapped around a plywood structure. The fully inset cabinet doors on either side are milled out of 1.5″ hardwood and hide floating shelving behind. The new 6′ light hanging over the counter filters light for task lighting, while casting upward to draw attention to this area in the bar.

The project was intended to increase the prominence of the back bar, while appearing as if it has always been there. In this respect we feel the piece is greatly successful, and we invite you to stop by Savage’s Ale House for a brew.