Riley Sunrise


Riley Sunrise represents imagery at multiple scales for all audiences. The vibrancy of the colors and symbolism of each shape or “pixel” speaks to the child, piquing their interest and lifting their spirits. The complexity and patterns generated speak to all generations and encourage discussion and interpretation.


Completed: 2011
Medium: Printed High Impact Polystyrene, Acoustic Panels, Acrylic Tube
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Client: IU Health
Size: 3x) 16’ x 16’ x 2’

This project was commissioned by IU Health and is located on the first floor in the main atrium space of the Simon Family Tower addition at Riley Riley Hospital for Children. In total there are over 3800 unique components making up the 768 sf. image, each with a different color, scale, and distance from the wall. It is an abstraction of an image into its main colors and uses graphic symbols as the representation of each pixel. Based on RGB data, the symbols change between suns and clouds. Each symbol is independently mounted and varies its distance from the wall, creating a three dimensional graphic that is read from across the room and up close. Because of the variation, the graphic will visually change as users walk by and can be experienced differently each time.

Our hope is that these super-graphics can serve as a pleasant distraction for visitors of the hospital and lead to discussions that can re-focus a conversation towards something positive and uplifting.