Developed for Marian University, Resplendence is layered with concepts directly influenced by the life of St Francis of Assisi. The work is intended to have a level of abstraction that allows those from many different backgrounds to overlay their own meaning. However, there are several very specific ideas embedded in the design of the piece that relay the narrative of Franciscan values embodied by the University.


Completed: 2023
Medium: Brass, Walnut, Stainless Steel
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 8’ x 55’
IG: #p1_resplendence


One of the primary drivers for the project lies in the final line of the Canticle of Creation: Praise and bless my Lord and give Him thanks and serve Him with great humility. We were inspired by the story of St Francis hearing the call of the Spirit to change his life dramatically, renouncing his title and worldly possessions to focus on rebuilding God’s church.

This shift to living humbly and connecting with those in need influenced our material pallet and the overall feeling of the project. Our goal was to choose a modest material that could be used honestly. The simple, natural, and warm characteristics of wood universally connect with people on an innate level. This un-pretentious material supports our main concept that serving, connecting, and educating others through God’s word connects us to him. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

In visual contrast to the wood, we have selected brass as a representation of spirituality. These materials are paired together on each component of the project, one on either side. This highlights the idea that externally we can live simply and humbly while internally being rich with the Spirit.

Together these materials flow up through the project, revealing themselves in various ways. The design presents both materials equally, but as visitors move around the piece, it is apparent that they shift from the foreground to the back rotating through the space.

Light emanates from inside the sculpture, accentuating the brass tones during the day and creating a warm lantern at night. While not flashy or extravagant, the light is essential to emphasize the duality of the project, much in the same way that our internal flames highlight our own qualities. The dispersed nature of the components softly diffuses the light and creates an ethereal glow around the piece. We believe this simple approach to lighting is much in the same spirit as the Franciscan values.