PRISMAtique was a temporary installation for the In Light In Indianapolis Light Festival along the canal downtown. The festival attracted thousands of visitors and provided unique and memorable experiences. The project investigated the fracturing of geometry and light through both material and interaction. Simple reactions gain visual complexity as light is refracted through the layering of the extruding panels.


Completed: 2016
Medium: Twin Wall Polycarbonate, Plywood, Acrylic, LED
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Client: Central Indiana Community Foundation
Size: 24’ x 8’ x 2’

Material selection was key to this exploration. The choice to use of twin wall polycarbonate allows light to refract through the flutes of the material, disguising the origin of light. Each cell only contains one LED, yet through the layering of the extruding panels, the light begins to overlap and create a complex visual effect.

This fracturing of light is further driven through the project’s interaction. As visitors trigger sensors in the piece, a sequence of associated LED’s are activated. Because the sequence is inherently random and the LED’s are only momentary, the sources are not apparent. However, the fractured path of users walking through the environment is clear. Each LED is filtered with a custom printed Mylar film that creates at gradient of light from cyan to magenta. The soffit blends white light and printed films to create an exciting three-dimensional atmosphere for users to experience.

Our work was among over 25 other projects from national and international artists, encouraging exploration and participation. This inaugural event lasted for two nights attracting thousands of people to the canal, providing provide unique and memorable experiences.