Polyhue transforms the typical drop ceiling, replacing all standardization with fully custom colored and natural elements. The organic form was driven by pre-existing HVAC, plumbing, and structural systems in the space. Undulations in the surface maximize vertical height as they conform to the existing conditions.


Completed: 2015
Medium: Felt, Hardwood Plywood, Aluminum
Location: Louisville, KY
Client: Luckett & Farley
Size: 37’ x 20’ x 5’

This project was commissioned by an architecture firm to replace a traditional cloud suspended ceiling. The intention was to create something much more dynamic and fully custom for the communal space it encloses, mainly used for client meetings and collaborative discussions. All of the functions of a ceiling cloud are integrated including lighting, speaker systems, fire suppression, and a projector. The triangular grid allows for the compound surface and is sized to permit access through the framework. Each unique panel is removable, similar to drop ceiling tiles.

The pyramidal shapes are made from a combination of walnut veneered MDF and six different hues of blue felt. The design intent was to appear as if the surface had been fully covered in walnut veneer, and as the triangles rotated up into pyramids they exposed the color beyond. This layer of colorization begins with lighter hues at the entrance of the space and gently fades to darker in the middle. The subtle change in color provides contrast to the consistent tone in wood. The aluminum framework is also veneered in walnut to keep the duality of the felt and wood continuous. The overall texture between the natural wood and the colored felt creates an exciting and engaging experience in the space.