Oriented Members


This custom screen wall was developed for the atrium space of Wabash Valley Power’s new headquarters. WVP is a not-for-profit generation and transmission electric cooperative serving 23 member distribubtion co-ops in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. The co-op brings together people from all walks of life, focused on a unified vision for their future.


Completed: 2019
Medium: Walnut, Stainless Steel
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 15′ x 15’ x 4’
IG: #OrientedMembers

WVP describes themselves as “deliberately different.” The concept for the piece looks at the uniqueness of their model of power generation and transmission. We worked closely with the architects to develop a piece that would benefit from and affect the overall space. The space will have two main entrances, one mainly intended for employees and one for visitors, and we wanted to highlight these two experiences.

The screen wall is intended to have an apparent duality of material. As employees and visitors move through the space hundreds of unique boards with stainless steel inlays allow a variety of views, all aligning from one specific perspective where the project is entirely perceived as wood. While all of the co-ops within WVP have unique interests and goals, they are able to come together for a unified vision for their future. The materials were chosen to represent two of the main business typologies that make of the co-ops – agriculture, and industry. One could imagine the boards in a rustic landscape of decaying barns, contrasted by the precise laser cut stainless steel. While the piece has a static form, the rotation of each of the members vertically creates visual movement that is experienced by walking around it.