Historic Sampling


Historic Sampling is an installation in the lobby of the Mayor’s Office, recognizing the relationship between historic and current Muncie. Our intention was to weave the two by abstracting an image of historic Muncie, seen through the lens of modern technology and fabrication techniques. This is achieved through the translation of an image into a multidimensional pixelated graphic.


Completed: 2015
Medium: Acrylic, Paint
Location: Muncie, IN
Client: City of Muncie
Size: 10’ x 5’ x 2″

Using parametric software, CNC equipment, and analog methods we created a very dramatic contemporary form within a cast piece of acrylic. The image has been subdivided into square fractals with scale based on the clarity of the image depicted. Each fractal was machined into the back of a solid sheet of 1.25″ acrylic. As the pixels get smaller, they are milled deeper into the material. Each one is back-painted to coincide with the gray scale color of the original image. The result appears as if it was permanently cast into one solid piece of acrylic. The image looks north on Walnut St from Charles St taken in the 1950’s.

This project aims to recognize the innovations and achievements of the past while still looking towards future advances and accomplishments of this city.