Designed for a new Recreation Center in Aurora, CO this project balances concepts gathered from the community, careful integration with the architecture, and component-driven complexity. The project is intended to foster a sense of discovery and intrigue as visitors use the space while relating to human scale and accessibility. Florescence: a state or period of flourishing.


Completed: 2022
Medium: Painted and Powder Coated Aluminum
Location: Aurora, CO
Size: 3,000 sqft


Conceptually, there are two main ideas that are driving the work, blended together and integrated into the building’s architecture.

Life Cycle / Growth / Development / Change: Aurora’s landscape is growing and changing, from the built environment to the flora that grows throughout the rolling hills. Our intention is to mimic patterns found in both human activity and the natural world to develop our own artistic ecosystem.

Nature and Community: As a city, Aurora is geographically expansive, while its community is diverse and connected. We intend to represent diversity through multiple color transitions. These colors work cohesively as a composition and allow for individuality in each tone. The openness of the community can be compared to a vast prairie landscape. Its ecosystem, like its community, is interconnected.

Formally, 2D patterns begin to grow off of the wall as the project moves up through the space, and eventually float into the air. The suspended components are seemingly blown in the wind, down the architectural “canyon” to connect the artwork throughout the atrium space.