EXTESS visually represents the diversity, interconnectivity, and unity of its downtown site. The uniquely painted aluminum panels represent the varying businesses and individuals that make up the city. Though each plane is unique, their orientations converge in perspective to a unifying point, similar to the focused drive for change in the community.


Completed: 2016
Medium: Painted Aluminum
Location: Muncie, IN
Client: City of Muncie
Size: 20’ x 10’ x 3’

This project was commissioned by the city of Muncie to be located in one of their many newly constructed parks. The growing vibrancy of the city’s downtown and its eclectic nature has been steadily increasing, and in reaction to this our sculpture at Cornerstone Park plays with perspectives and shifting movements. As the downtown looks to the future, it is focused on the evolution of its identity through new ways of thinking. This can be seen through the growth of local businesses and support for art and culture.

The sculpture’s form is created by the relationship of a set of points to its closest neighbors; pushing and pulling within a boundary, visually represent the interconnectivity of downtown. The seemingly random panels and undulating form converges in a singular perspective. If an individual stands in one position behind the piece they can clearly see through the entire installation, letting it almost disappear. As pedestrians and motorists proceed by the park, the angle of perspective will shift and open, continually changing views through the project. This offers multiple ways to interact with the piece and view the network of panels.