Our process for this proposal began by balancing the logistics and requirements of the site constraints with a variety of conceptual approaches in order to tie into the surrounding context.

Based on this project’s location in Crystal City, a somewhat obvious approach was to start exploring crystalline structures. Our goal was to select a few attributes of crystals to examine, without echoing cliché representations. This led us down a path of naturally perfect geometries that appear within many crystals called “trigons.” We found these equilateral structures and their compositions to be compelling, while also relating to some of our past portfolio and design style.


Completed: (Proposal)
Medium: Powder-Coated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Cable
Location: Crystal City, VA
Size: 141’ x 28’ x 1’


Our project, Effloresce, explores compositionally “growing” equilateral triangles and adjacent shape combinations. The composition, although not overtly representing a crystal, is derived from a natural phenomenon. We believe that this strategy takes a more nuanced approach to a concept and avoids clichés that may come from public art designed around the neighborhood’s namesake.

Scale of the components was carefully considered in order to relate to the building and street. As the composition moves along the façade, the panels combine into larger elements breaking away from the triangular underlying pattern, and fracture into smaller discrete components. Multiple techniques were explored in order to find the ideal location and mounting technique for the artwork. Ultimately an overlay of the existing structure (similar to the existing lower retail portion on the opposing side of the building) was chosen.