Depth of Field


Depth of Field seeks to foster a relationship between people and the natural environment, with the goal of motivating, inspiring, and connecting students and faculty with the place they inhabit. Biophilic design recognizes that an association of the individual to the whole, and an emotional attachment to nature, are vital to people’s physical and mental health, fitness, and wellbeing.


Completed: 2021
Medium: Powder Coated Steel, Painted MDO Board, LED Strips, Ultrasonic Sensor
Location: Terre Haute
Size: 17’ x 30’ x 1’


The project’s form is designed to reflect an abstract natural system, in which many similar yet unique elements benefit one another, working as a whole. This is complemented by an ever-changing ambient lighting technique that reflects the passage of time and changing seasons, as well as activity and occupancy of the space. In this way, the work physically responds to people and nature in hopes of promoting interactions, creativity, and a healthy learning environment.
The title of the project describes the actual physicality of the work, but also as a system that can live on and evolve through student engagement. The field-effect uses various depths of moving light to create infinite possibilities, allowing for future creative endeavors, and ensuring that the project maintains a strong connection to its surrounding.