Our proposal aims at representing the eclectic community of Miami Doral. Conceptually, the project places discrete elements with unique rotation and colors in a distorted grid. These elements represent the many people that make up the surrounding community. While every individual is unique, they come together to create a community that is exciting and full of possibilities. Colors play off of existing public art as well as the surrounding climate and plant life, creating a dynamic and dramatic centerpiece for the city.


Completed: (Proposal)
Medium: Painted Aluminum, Galvanized Steel
Location: Miami Doral, FL
Size: 25’ x 13’ x 20’


Each component of this proposal has a unique location, color, and angle; however, they interweave and blend together, through color gradients and form. Like much of our work, the objects are abstract yet directional, allowing for interpretation of the artwork in numerous ways. As the sun highlights the curved faces and casts shadows throughout the day, the project becomes even more engaging, and elevating the piece allows it to be experienced from many angles and distances. An overall uplifting gesture is intended to represent the positive energy of the community. Our project incorporates a series of lighting elements to render the painted elements in a new way in the evening. The vibrant, inspirational form becomes dramatic against the darkened sky and will act as a beacon along the pedestrian path between Main Street and the park.