This proposal, designed for a college in a mountainous area of Utah, investigates the state’s surrounding geology and becomes a visual celebration of the American West. Using the idea of a massif, ChoMassif likens the duality and symbolism of the geography that makes this area unique to the local community.


Completed: (Proposal)
Medium: Painted Aluminum, MDO Board
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Size: 37’ x 15’ x 9″


Our proposal aimed to balance the logistics and requirements of the site’s constraints with a conceptual tie into the context. Based on this approach, we began researching the surrounding geography and became interested in the complexity of mountain formations. When thinking about each foothill, peak, bluff, and canyon, these elements’ individuality makes them distinct. When they all converge, however, they create something more significant than the sum of their parts. They come together into a compact configuration called a Massif.

In a similar vein, the goal of this college is to create a diverse and distinct environment. This diversity is unified through a common goal of education, and thus, this sculpture makes a unified, mountainous, and gestural mark through the atrium.