Chromafield was developed for Elwood Staffing’s new national headquarters in Columbus, IN. At the core of Elwood Staffing is a balance between the science and art of bringing together a diverse collection of client companies, and even more diverse workforce. Data driven solutions work hand in hand with human resources to pair unique individuals with specific employer expectations. This is shown in the project through a layering of concepts to create a unified piece as a representation of the company.


Completed: 2018
Medium: Painted Aluminum, Wool Felt
Location: Columbus, IN
Size: 20’ x 16’ x 6″
IG: #Chromafield


Our goal for this project was to take the main ideas discovered about the company, and visually represent them in a highly crafted, unique physical element.

A base pattern was developed to represent the underlying science of the process. The tiling system uses one repeatable shape that is mirrored and rotated to provide variation, but at its core it is a repeated system. We related this to the data driven processes of selecting individuals for positions based on specific hard criteria, which can be repeated from client to client.

Next, those tiles become subdivided to represent potential employment opportunities. This overlay highlights a network of available jobs on top of the original repeated system. We considered this as the job’s most basic information, like title and pay, which can also be duplicated and is not totally unique.

Within each opportunity exist a number of criteria, relative to each employer and their expectations. At this point, the available jobs start to look very different from one another. They each take a slightly altered form and have varying scale. The network becomes much more complex, with thousands of distinct companies, looking for specific employees.

The project wraps three sides of an existing pillar designed by the architect. We saw this as an opportunity to develop three distinct effects through color. The composition was developed so that as visitors and employees move through the space, they are able to discover the uniqueness of each side.