ChromaCavity is a site-specific experimental installation developed for St’art Up 317. Our goal for this project was to expose a style of work that is not widely seen in Indianapolis or the midwest in general. Computation and parametric design allow us to create unique, almost unrealistic objects very quickly and accurately. We took this pop-up show as an opportunity to highlight and share this style to a larger public audience in the core of downtown Indy.


Completed: 2019
Medium: Painted Aluminum Composite Panels
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 13’ x 13’ x 12′
IG: #ChromaCavity


The intent is to “carve-out” the corner of this traditional building to expose a vibrant geometric interior volume. This juxtaposition contrasts the standardization of the built environment with the unique effects of mass customization. Each component of the overall form has an individual scale, shape, and color, but all work together to create a larger composition. While each of our projects have unique forms, techniques, and materials, this underlying strategy exists in our body of work.

We find beauty in the complexity of unique elements working together to create highly crafted design visions.