Antheros represents a blossoming or blooming. We designed this project, originally called Conveyance, in 2017 and installed it as a temporary piece of art in another part of Indianapolis. Years passed and the project was set to be demolished. We knew that this project had a lot of life left in it, so we salvaged the project and began our hunt for its new location.


Completed: 2022 (Conveyance 2018)
Medium: Painted Aluminum Composite, Plywood
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 36’ x 8’ x 5″


The commitment that English Ivy’s has shown to the beautification and investment in the St Joseph neighborhood excited us, so we reached out about this project. Working collaboratively with the owners, we devised a new use for this piece of art. We renamed the project Antheros not only to represent the evolution and eventual blossoming of this project into its final home but also to represent the importance of safe spaces such as this for the LGBTQIA+ Community. People here can be themselves, flourish, and blossom into their true selves.

This project is an outward expression of the joy, community, and friendship formed within English Ivy’s. The blossoming of expression, truth, and love are staples of places like this, and Project One Studio is thankful for the opportunity to donate this project to English Ivy’s. The journey of this piece details the close-knit community of Indianapolis and the commitment of the community members to the forwarding of the arts.