Who We Are

Project One Studio explores the possibilities of connection through new technology, materiality, and the human environment. We are artists, designers, and fabricators committed to craft, experience, and authenticity. We use innovative, often intricate systems to guide pattern development, construction techniques, and texture building. As public artists, we collaborate nationally with architects, landscape architects, engineers, municipalities, and consultants to activate public and private spaces in ways that excite curiosity, welcome play, and delight the imagination.

What We Do

We work at the limitless intersections of public art and architecture. We develop, build, and install large-scale private and public art commissions and custom architectural installations. Because we manage nearly all of our fabrication in-house, our hands and eyes are on the artwork from start to finish. Our digital, component-driven design methods allow us to experiment and solve for site-specific impact. It’s important to us that each project tells a story about the place it’s located and the lives of the people who will see it the most. Just like people and the places they live, our projects are multi-faceted and layered with complex textures, expansive pattern systems, and countless individual parts that together create innovative and inspiring artwork to stand the test of time.