Resplendence Approval | September 22, 2022

We are excited to announce that our project, Resplendence, is moving forward into final design and fabrication. The project, designed for Marian University, is layered with concepts directly influenced by the life of St Francis of Assisi. Representing a burning candle, this project emanates light throughout the school and provides warmth, comfort, and strength to the students of Marian University.

Project One Begins Fabrication on Striation | September 14, 2022

We have begun fabrication on our collaborative project with Kimberly McNeelan, Striation. This project is a representation of diversity within unity. With bright colors, upward movement, and graceful form the sculpture invokes feelings of hope, inspiration, and innovation similar to the surrounding revitalized Glendale Shopping Center in Indianapolis, IN.

Florescence Complete | September 2, 2022

Project One Studio has just completed the installation for Florescence. The project, (our biggest interior to date!) was an intensive collaboration between project architects, community members, and project stakeholders. Florescence: a state or period of flourishing. Check out the project here.

Antheros Complete | July 21, 2022

Project One Studio has just completed the installation for Antheros. Antheros represents a blossoming or blooming. We designed this project (formerly Conveyance) in 2017 and installed it as a temporary piece of art in another part of Indianapolis. Years passed and the project was set to be demolished. We knew that this project had a lot of life left in it, so we salvaged the project and began our hunt for its new location. We found a perfect home at English Ivy’s, a local gay pub with a devoted staff and clientele. The blossoming of expression, truth, and love are staples of places like this, and Project One Studio is thankful for the opportunity to donate this project to English Ivy’s. The journey of this piece details the close-knit community of Indianapolis and the commitment of the community members to the forwarding of the arts.

Project One Welcomes Newest Member | May 16, 2022

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest member, Anthony. With extensive experience in product/industrial design and engineering, Anthony brings a balance of material-driven mindset and creative expression to the table. He makes our concepts work.
Check out more about him here

Tessellated Filigree Complete | March 20, 2022

Project One Studio has just completed the installation for Tessellated Filigree. The project, located in Indianapolis, IN, is a careful exploration of the cultural, historical, and aesthetic milieu of its location. Check out the project here.


Urban Fabric Begins Installation | December 5, 2020

Project One Studio is excited to announce the beginning of the installation of our project, Urban Fabric.

Now Hiring Designers | November 9, 2021

Project One Studio is currently seeking a creative and dedicated individual to fill a full-time Design position. More information is available here.

Confluent Threads Complete | September 25, 2021

Project One Studio has just completed the installation for Confluent Threads. The project, located in Alexandria, VA, is a collaborative effort between the community and Project One. Check out the project here.

Depth of Field and RHIT Chemistry Building Grand Opening | August 26, 2021

Project One Studio had the honor of participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new chemistry building designed by Ratio Architects. We were excited to share the conceptual approach with many of the faculty and students, as well as discuss the future possibilities for this interactive piece. Check out the project page here to learn more.

Depth of Field Featured in New CODAMagazine, Technology and Art VIII | August 1, 2021

Project One Studio is featured in the new CODAMagazine issue alongside other projects with focus on innovating technology within the field of public art. Read the issue here.

Confluent Threads Begins Fabrication | July 28, 2021

Project One Studio has begun fabrication for our project in Alexandria, Virginia. For this project, we are utilizing new painting, CNC, and layering techniques. Check out our progress on our Instagram.

Depth of Field Complete | April 26, 2021

Project One Studio has just completed the installation of our project, Depth of Field. This project, completed for Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, has been nearly four years in the making, from design, testing, fabrication, and installation. This project, with over 10,000 individually addressable LEDs, allows for extremely refined changes and tweaks in the future. This has been our most technologically and logistically complex project so far, and we are extremely proud of the final result. Check out the project here.

Conveyance Decommission | June 6, 2021

Project One Studio has completed the de-installation of our project, Conveyance. This temporary structure has lasted far beyond our two-year goal and is still in very good shape. Refurbishment and redeployment may be in the future of this project…

Press House Complete | March 30, 2021

Project One Studio is finished with the installation of our third project in the D.C. area. The project, titled Press House, was an intense exploration of new fabrication techniques and assembly strategies. Final photos coming soon.

subUrban Begins | March 18, 2021

Project One Studio has been selected to design a new public-art project in Huntersville, North Carolina. The piece, titled subUrban, creates an ephemeral “light gallery” within a subterranean pedestrian walkway. We looking forward to refining shape, color, and layout as we move into schematic design.

Florescence Begins | March 1, 2021

We are happy to announce a new piece titled “Florescence” in Aurora, Colorado. This project is our furthest out west so far and we are excited about this opportunity.

Confluent Threads Begins | February 17, 2021

Project One Studio has recently completed conceptual design for Ellen Coolidge Burke Branch Library in Alexandria, Virginia. The design, entitled “Confluent Threads,” addresses the Brutalist façade in a playful and graphic style, representing the threads of the community intertwining and creating a mosaic of diverse thought and culture.


Press House Begins | December 9, 2020

Project One has begun design on a new addition to an upcoming area in Washington D.C. The project explores topologies, color gradation, and surprising uses.

Urban Fabric Begins| November 17, 2020

Project One Studio is excited to announce our collaboration with Ignition Arts on a new parking garage façade piece for the 4th St Parking Garage in Bloomington, Indiana. The project, titled “Urban Fabric,” takes inspiration from the diversity of Bloomington and merges that with the idea of a large quilt of diverse colors and patterns.

Reticulation Complete | June 24, 2020

Reticulation has been officially installed. A full project description can be found here.

Convergent Focus Complete | March 23, 2020

Convergent focus has finished installation. A full project description can be found here.

Reticulation Begins | January 22, 2020

Project One studio is excited to announce a new project for a client in Columbus, Indiana. The project, titled Reticulation, explores geometric transformation and wireframe aesthetics.


Depth of Field Begins | October 3, 2019

Project One has begun work on a new project entitled Depth of Field. The project embodies aspects of “well building” design, natural growth cycles, and pattern systems found in nature.

Oriented Members Complete | September 26, 2019

Project One has finished the installation of Oriented Members. A full project description can be found here.

Convergent Focus Proposal | August 26, 2019

Project One Studio is excited to announce that our design, Convergent Focus, has been selected for fabrication. We are excited to create a memorable piece for the people of Silverton.

Spectrum Complete| August 15, 2019

Project One Studio has finished the installation of our project for Hyde-Addison Elementary in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The project, titled “Spectrum,” was an exploration of color spectrums and teaching within art. More project information can be found here.

ChromaCavity Complete | April 25, 2019

We are excited to announce the completion of our passion project, ChromaCavity. The project, hosted through St’artup 317, allowed us to explore our own interests in depth, fabrication, and color. Check it out here.